• Now Open in San Clemente

    Our San Clemente location is now open at 150 AVENIDA CABRILLO, SUITE B, SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672. Click the link for directions or call 949-388-6552 to make an appointment.

  • New Location Opening Soon

    Full Motion Physical Therapy is proud to announce the opening of an additional clinic in San Clemente, CA. The new clinic will be located at 150 Avenida Cabrillo, Suite B, San Clemente, CA 92672. Now enjoy Full Motion Physical Therapy in two convenient locations.

  • Fire Up the Laser!

    Laser therapy is no longer in it’s infancy. It is now a well established modality producing marked results in inflammation control, swelling reduction, and tissue mobility and range of motion.

  • Alter-G

    This new technology, developed by NASA, uses air pressure to give the user a feeling of “unweighting”, allowing them to set their effective body weight between 20 and 100%

  • Complete Back Care

    The policy at Full Motion Physical Therapy is to treat the whole person. In the case of a back injury, we use nearly our entire lineup of state of the art equipment to treat the injury from the ground up.


New Patient Paperwork

At Full Motion Physical Therapy, service is our goal. In an effort to help us serve you and make your visit more expeditious, please complete all previsit paperwork before arriving at our office.

New Name, New Face

FreeMotion Physical Therapy is now Full Motion Physical Therapy. It's the same great staff, but a new name, new logo, and refreshed website. Please take a minute to look around. Don't forget to update your bookmarks to the new web address, http://www.fullmotionpt.net.

20th Mar

Is Joint Pain Slowing You Down?

Any injury that affects the ligaments, cartilage or bones can contribute to joint pain. Joint pain can affect any part of the body from your neck to your feet. Joint pain is common amongst seniors, but anyone can be affected by it. It can occur all of a sudden, and can be sharp and painful [...]

01st Nov

The Real Benefits of Core Strengthening

No matter what activity you participate in, your core is the center of all muscle activity. Your core is much like the middle link to a thick, sturdy chain. The upper part of the chain is your upper body, the bottom part of the chain is your lower body and the two are connected at [...]

01st Nov

The Difference Between Soreness and Pain

The intensity at which you exercise will determine what you get out of it. Do you want to lose body fat? If so, you need to exercise at a different intensity compared to someone who trains to build muscle/tone up.Unlike bones and joints, muscles have a greater blood supply. Muscles can regenerate and respond quickly [...]

20th Oct

Have You Heard of the Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor includes a group of muscles and ligaments that form a “floor like” structure that supports key organs. These include the bladder and bowels (and uterus for women). A strong pelvic floor is important for preventing issues like urinary incontinence for men and women (the involuntary loss of control of urine) and pelvic [...]

07th Apr

Heel Pain and What To Do About It

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It is an irritation or inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the structure that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot. This is a strong, dense strip of tissue that supports the arch of the foot, almost like the [...]