NEW Video Analysis by Dartfish Available!

On September 28, 2009 by Full Motion Physical Therapy

Are you a runner struggling with an injury?  A baseball pitcher with a sore shoulder?  Is tennis elbow slowing your number of matches per week?

At Full Motion Physical Therapy we have the enhanced technology to video you performing your sport and use Dartfish computer/video program to effectively analyze you in motion.  With this latest technology we are able to provide visual feedback to our patients.  This allows athletes to see their form and to compare it with the proper form.  We can give the patient verbal cues, strengthening and stretching regimens that will assist in achieving optimal form with their activity.  By using correct form with your sport you are able to remain injury free and achieve your personal best.

A recent patient stated it best when he said ” A picture is worth a thousand words a video analysis is worth a million!”

Please phone Full Motion Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment for your analysis – 949-542-5000.

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