• Visit Our San Clemente Location

    Our San Clemente Office Has Moved! Visit us at our new facility at: 903 Calle Amanecer, suite 200, San Clemente, CA 92673

  • Fire Up the Laser!

    Laser therapy is no longer in it’s infancy. It is now a well established modality producing marked results in inflammation control, swelling reduction, and tissue mobility and range of motion.

  • Alter-G

    This new technology, developed by NASA, uses air pressure to give the user a feeling of “unweighting”, allowing them to set their effective body weight between 20 and 100%

  • Complete Back Care

    The policy at Full Motion Physical Therapy is to treat the whole person. In the case of a back injury, we use nearly our entire lineup of state of the art equipment to treat the injury from the ground up.

  • Motion Analysis with Dartfish

    From the eye of a Physical Therapist, motion analysis provides an added window for identifying problems. Motion analysis helps us find points of weakness, range of motion loss and or flaws in mechanics.


New Patient Paperwork

At Full Motion Physical Therapy, service is our goal. In an effort to help us serve you and make your visit more expeditious, please complete all previsit paperwork before arriving at our office.

New Name, New Face

FreeMotion Physical Therapy is now Full Motion Physical Therapy. It's the same great staff, but a new name, new logo, and refreshed website. Please take a minute to look around. Don't forget to update your bookmarks to the new web address, http://www.fullmotionpt.net.

02nd Mar
brain map

Stroke Prevention – Every Second Matters

Unknown to most individuals, holidays can cause a spike in the incidence of a stroke, which is a prolonged deficiency in blood supply to the brain. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in America, killing about 137,000 people each year, and a leading cause of long-term disability for adults. According to the National Stroke Association, […]

20th Jan

15 Tips For A Healthy 2011

It is the New Year, and it is also time for a flurry of resolutions. You are probably thinking about how you can become healthier, be more pain free, and move better than you do right now. Great thought! To help you along, here are 15 tips to get you healthy in 2011: A gradual, […]

20th Jan

Is Your Handbag Causing You All That Pain?

A new fashion trend is emerging, one that can cause more pain than you may realize. It is those trendy, oversized bags (purses for women, and handbags for men) that wreak havoc on the human body. There is nothing wrong with being trendy. The trouble starts when you start loading up these bags with your […]

03rd Mar

Track and Field Season Begins

Track and field season is off to a start in California. This weekend we will see the first of several invitational meets. High school athletes are in the midst of preparing for the upcoming season. The arduous training can lead to overuse injuries. To ensure your athletes stay healthy throughout the season,  Full Motion Physical […]

10th Feb

Pilates Reformers at Full Motion

We are excited to announce we have two clinical reformers at Full Motion Physical Therapy.  Pilates is a unique approach to training in mind/body awareness and controls of movement and posture. The reformer, aspecialized apparatus used in Pilates, provides an opportunity to train a variely of movement patterns. Pilates has been shown to yield numerous […]