• Visit Our San Clemente Location

    Our San Clemente Office Has Moved! Visit us at our new facility at: 903 Calle Amanecer, suite 200, San Clemente, CA 92673

  • Fire Up the Laser!

    Laser therapy is no longer in it’s infancy. It is now a well established modality producing marked results in inflammation control, swelling reduction, and tissue mobility and range of motion.

  • Alter-G

    This new technology, developed by NASA, uses air pressure to give the user a feeling of “unweighting”, allowing them to set their effective body weight between 20 and 100%

  • Complete Back Care

    The policy at Full Motion Physical Therapy is to treat the whole person. In the case of a back injury, we use nearly our entire lineup of state of the art equipment to treat the injury from the ground up.

  • Motion Analysis with Dartfish

    From the eye of a Physical Therapist, motion analysis provides an added window for identifying problems. Motion analysis helps us find points of weakness, range of motion loss and or flaws in mechanics.


New Patient Paperwork

At Full Motion Physical Therapy, service is our goal. In an effort to help us serve you and make your visit more expeditious, please complete all previsit paperwork before arriving at our office.

New Name, New Face

FreeMotion Physical Therapy is now Full Motion Physical Therapy. It's the same great staff, but a new name, new logo, and refreshed website. Please take a minute to look around. Don't forget to update your bookmarks to the new web address, http://www.fullmotionpt.net.

14th Sep

Get That Ankle Treated

Approximately 25,000 people sprain their ankel each day.  The acute ankle injury is the most common sports injury encountered today and is responsible for up to 30% of sports related injuries in young athletes.  Left untreated, a sprained ankle can lead to chronic ankle instability, high re occurrence rate, and secondary complications due to prolonged ankle pain.  Careful diagnosis with adequate […]

14th Sep

Shoulder Pain with Surfing

Surfing is gaining in popularity in beautiful South Orange County. Living close to the beach with easy access to great surf breaks makes it easy to indulge in this exciting sport. However, it is important to realize the risks involved in surfing. A couple of years ago my husband and I were on a 7 […]

20th Apr

Golf Fitness

Low back pain is the most common complaint in recreational golfers.  Lack of good core strength is one of the most common causes of low back pain. Flexibility, strength, power and core stability are directly related to club head speed.  Core strength training integrates balance, stability and coordination to linked movement patterns with your swing. […]

20th Apr

Core Conditioning

In the last few years many training programs have evolved with a focus on strengthening the CORE. What is the core?  What benefits will I reap by strengthening the core?  How do I correctly train the core? The core or trunk consists of the abdominal, hip and spinal musculature.  This is where the body\’s center […]

20th Apr
little league

Overuse Injuries in Little League Baseball

Baseball is a very popular youth sport in Orange County.  Younger baseball players (ages 6-14) are at an increased risk to throwing injuries secondary to their physical immaturity.  The arm’s anatomy predisposes it to increased risk of injury due to the greater laxity around the elbow joint and the instability of the shoulder during the […]