Anti-Gravity Treadmill


Full Motion Physical Therapy is now servicing patients with the new AlterG, anti-gravity treadmill. This new technology, developed by NASA, uses air pressure to give the user a feeling of “unweighting”, allowing them to set their effective body weight between 20 and 100% in 1% increments. This new technology has been proven to drastically speed recovery time for post-operative and post-injury patients, while also offering a unique advantage for athletes by allowing them to train at much higher speeds and run more volume without risking overuse injuries.

The AlterG, anti-gravity treadmill gives all of our patients and athletes a safe new workout experience. It uses compression shorts to create an air-tight seal allowing the user to be “lifted” with air from their center of gravity.  This is much better than other over the shoulder harness systems because it allows normal walking and running mechanics with no restrictions. The user’s movement is not compromised by resistance and it allows normal body positioning and unaffected stride mechanics. The AlterG’s supportive force occurs at the user’s core and is uniformly distributed-making it very comfortable while allowing for consistent, natural body movement.

The AlterG continues to be used and appreciated by many professional sports’ teams and is also a great alternative to aquatic therapy. Full Motion Physical Therapy offers the only anti-gravity treadmill in San Juan Capistrano available for the public’s use and invites you to come by and try it out at your convenience.  To learn about how AlterG can benefit your rehabilitation or athletic goals, please contact our office for more information.


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