Track and Field Season Begins

On March 3, 2010 by Full Motion Physical Therapy

Track and field season is off to a start in California. This weekend we will see the first of several invitational meets. High school athletes are in the midst of preparing for the upcoming season. The arduous training can lead to overuse injuries. To ensure your athletes stay healthy throughout the season,  Full Motion Physical Therapy offers a weekly Running Clinic. The clinic is held every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm. The running clinic emphasizes strengthening and stretching to prevent injuries. The class consists of 10 minutes of cardiovascular warm up followed by 15 stations that are 2 minutes each and the finale is 10 minutes of extensive static stretching. The class can be modified to meet individual needs. For example a jumpers focus would be a bit different than a long distance runner. The atmosphere of the class is upbeat and positive. It is a great opportunity to get a superb workout and learn exercises that you can do independently each day to keep you performing at the optimal level.


Please phone with any questions you may have 949-542-5000.

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